Clear Sony PSP 3000 Console new housing shell Build to order
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Clear Sony PSP 3000 Console new housing shell Build to order

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***Due to other orders in the queue, custom orders are taking 4-5 weeks to complete and ship***

This is a custom made, build-to-order PSP. All custom PSP orders include the following:

- Brand New Shell/Housing (These are high quality aftermarket shells)
- Brand New LCD Screen
- Brand New Battery
- Brand New Charger
- Brand New Wrist strap

No games are included in any of our custom builds!

This is a refurbished console. Also note that English/U.S. UMD movies are not supported with these systems as they Japanese region locked. Please reach out with

LED lights
LEDs are installed on the Left & Right shoulder/bumper buttons - OR - Action/Dpad buttons. LEDs are also installed as steady type by default and can be turned on/off by the WLAN switch. Sound reactive solid color LEDs only can be installed upon request but additional fees apply if you'd like a custom on/off switch installed. Sound reactive LEDs do not light up when using headphones.

RGB auto-rotating color LEDs, these are steady and non-sound reactive, and can only be installed on the shoulder/bumper buttons.

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