Q: What are your current processing times?

A: Current processing times for custom orders are 5-6 weeks. For product orders processing times are 2-3 business days.

Q: Why do custom orders take longer to ship when compared to other shops?

A: Well, there are several reasons. In addition to other customer orders in the queue, customized orders just take time. We are also super careful and we take extra time to put it all together to ensure all is working correctly so you can enjoy it without any issues. We may also need to purchase supplies needed to fulfill custom orders and those may take a few weeks to arrive.

Q: What happens if my item doesn't work or it is damaged?

A: Please contact us if there are any issues with your order. All of our products are tested thoroughly before shipping. We can fix, send you another one, or refund you but we will require that you ship the item back to us. Once we receive the defective item, we will process an exchange, fix or refund.