Rechargeable Battery Pack for Gameboy Advance GBA
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Rechargeable Battery Pack for Gameboy Advance GBA

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  • -- Intended for IPS screen consoles only.

  • -- 1500mah battery (at full charge) which should last about 8hrs or so on an IPS modded GBA before needing to be fully recharged.

  • -- USB-C Charge Port that works with all USB-C chargers capable of 5V output

  • -- 2 pads to solder in negative and positive wires should you want to use your own battery

  • -- 2 wireless charging pads

  • -- Charge rate is at approximately 700Mah leading to about 2 hours to fully charge battery using 1A charger

  • -- Side Facing Charge Status LED, points towards the bottom of the console

  • -- 2 Large filter capacitors on the output to feed Cleaner Power into the GBA than standard Lipo Battery Mods

  • -- Has proper voltage output so when the battery is Low the GBA Low Battery Light will turn on giving you approximately 5 minutes before turning off

  • -- JST type connector for easy battery replacement

  • -- USB-C socket placed where it does not obstruct the Battery Cover, you do not need to cut the hole for the USB-C port as it's optional, if you do cut the hole, you will need a USB-C connector tip that's 10mm in length.


When inserting the battery pack, to avoid breaking of the contacts, please push down the board contacts as shown in this image.

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