PSP Led Kit for 2000/3000 models
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PSP Led Kit for 2000/3000 models

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This PSP LED mod kit will allow you to reduce the manual labor required to install multiple LEDs onto your PSP 2000 or PSP 3000 models. Either sound reactive or static. Proficient or Expert skill level is required to install this kit so please do not attempt if you're unfamiliar with PSP hardware. See below for installation video.

The LED Kit comes with the following:

- 1x Front Flex LED Board
- 1x Joystick Flex LED board
- 1x LED Mod Hub
- 2x Pre-wired shoulder LEDs (Shoulder buttons not included)
- Wires
- 1x On/Off switch
- Pieces of Kapton heat resistant tape
- Installation guide

Tools required (not included):

- Soldering wire
- Soft wire cutter
- Small screwdriver (to open up PSP)
- Tweezers
- Optional: Rotary/hole drilling tool (if installing shoulder LEDs)
- Optional: Hot glue (if installing an on/off switch and or shoulder LEDs)

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